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Ozone can kills coronaviruses

Ozone is a highly effective disinfectant

The ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is man's natural shield from the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun.And ozone as a kind of peculiar material, is the twin sister of oxygen, compare with oxygen, it has unusual ability, be to virus, bacterium ruthlessly, it is a kind of efficient disinfection material.

The regulations issued by Chinese health authorities clearly affirm the bactericidal effect of ozone: ozone is a broad-spectrum fungicide, which can kill bacterial propagates and buds, viruses, fungi, and destroy botulinum toxin.Ozone kills bacteria faster in water than chlorine.And after the use of ozone, will disappear without a trace, into oxygen, unlike other chemical disinfectants, there will be residual, the chemical disinfectant residue, small can damage your home furniture, electrical appliances, large will cause serious pollution to our living environment.

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