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Ozonomatic jolly med

Useful for:

-Spa centers -Foot Reflexology and massage centers -Hotels and resorts-

Wellness Centers -Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centers -Home use

The system includes the following.

-Digital Ozonomatic Jolly Spa device [ 220 -240 volts (for those who live in different

electric Voltage region or country will need appropriate voltage converter which can easily be bought locally or on online stores)

-Connecting hose -Matt for bathtub -Massage brush -Breast cup

-Thermal overlay -Foot spa bucket -Neck support


-Engine output 500 W -Heater 200 W -Maximum power use 700

-Power Source 230 V 50/60 Hz -The air flow up to 1700 l / min

-Ozone treatment in accordance with CE regulations

-The dimensions of the unit of 35 x 28 x 18 cm -Weighting unit 10 kg

-The dimensions of the applicator 102 x 33 cm

-Hose length up to 250 cm -The check valve in the hose

-Range of remote control up to 4 meters

-Temperature of +10 to +40 ° C

-The level of humidity in which the device can operate 15% - 90% uncondensed steam

-Forced air pressure 700 hPa - 1060 hPa

-Electrical Insulation class: Class II -Class of used parts: BF

-IP Classification: 40

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